Milestone Education Society (Regd.), Pehowa (Kurukshetra)

Educational Development , Social Reform

Milestone Review and Milestone Awareness


The Society has started publication programme from 2010. We have started two programmes regarding this. The details are given below:


This PROGRAMME is started from 14 July 2010. The details of the issues given below:

Vol-I: Five Year Report of the Society and Biography of Dr. B.R.Ambedkar

Vol-II: Haryana Mein Samajik Surksha Ki Bhayavah Sthiti (On Mahrishi Valmiki Jayanti)

Vol-III: Corruption in Indian Society (On Dr B R Abedkar Jayanti)

Now Milestone Review become as research journal and can be had from:



This is a Wall-Magzine of Milestone Education Library, Pehowa. Milestone Education Library is anotherextension of the Society started from 2008. Programme is started from July 2010. Every month on 10th the new issue will be released. The details of the issues are given below:

Issue I : Female Foeticide  July 2010

Issue 2: HIV-AIDS Aug 2010

Issue 3: Biography of Savitri Bai Phoole (Teachers' Day Special) Sept 2010

Issue 4: Mahrishi Valmiki Special Oct 2010

Issue 5: Drug Abuse Nov 2010

Issue 6: Dr. B.R. Ambdekar Dec 2010

Issue 7: Road Safety Jan 2011

Issue 8: On Mirchpur Kand Feb 2011

Issue 9: Bhagat Singh ki Ma ka Yuvako ke Nam Sandesh

Issue 10: Sexual Harassment of Women in academic institutions

Issue 11:  Labour Laws

Issue 12: Right to Information


Printed Book/E-books: